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XLCT 2 RATCHET LINK 1.13/16″ (46mm)

XLCT Ratchet Link is very versatile and can be adjusted to suit all work situations. They can be changed from ratchet link to open-end spanner or square tool driver very quickly.


ModelHeightWidthLengthRadiusWeightTorque Range
XLCT - 2102mm32mm186mm26-43mm0.93mm329-2.287 Nm
XLCT - 4136mm43mm259mm34-58mm1.93kg786-5.227 Nm
XLCT 8170mm53mm312mm45-71mm3.24kg1.550-11.051 Nm
XLCT 14204mm64mm359mm59-86mm5.13kg2.725-18.168 Nm