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Hytorc Air Hydraulic Pump

Hytorc Air is a 4-stage pump made to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. Optional one or two-gallon reservoir to assist with weight restrictions and increase mobility. Easy controls to assist with set up time set-up time and faster/easier bolting due to semi-automatic features.

Pump Specifications and Features:

Power3,800 (62 l/sec.)
Gauge0-10 k PSI (+/-1% Accuracy)
Reservoir Capacity1.35 gals. / 5.1 l
(2 gals. / 7.6 l tank optional for the HY-115)
Weight46.3 lbs. / 21 kg
46.3 lbs. / 21 kg770 cu. in./min. / 13 l/min.
Oil CoolerYes
Protective CagingYes
15' Remote ControlYes
15' Twin Line Steel Braided Hydraulic HoseYes