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Scapa 2501 Self-Amalgamating Tape

Scapa 2501 is a general‐purpose insulating, self‐amalgamating tape based on PIB (Polyisobutylene) rubber which is black.

  1. Supplied in an easy-to-handle and apply tape form. The product is interleaved with a disposable plastic liner.
  2. Service temperature ‐40 to +90°C.
  3. The tape amalgamates rapidly when applied under tension to provide a void‐free homogeneous wrapping, without the need for external heat or pressure.
  4. Good physical and electrical properties with a high degree of stability under conditions of use.
Technical PropertyNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Volume Resistivity1.5 x 10¹³Ohm.mASTM D257
Tensile Strength2MPaBS 903
Elongation at Break900%BS 903
Dielectric Strength42KV/mmASTM D149

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